Networking Basics Coursera Quiz Answers, 16 questions

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Warm regards, this time the admin will share the Networking Basics Coursera Quiz, which hopefully can help to complete this quiz.

Previously Networking Basics Coursera is one of the materials or tests that exist in Course The Bits and Bytes of Computer Networking. not many words, straight at the point.

Here’s Networking Basics Coursera Quiz Answers, 15 questions

  1. A network segment where only one device can communicate at a time is known as a _____. (collision domain)
  2. A device that knows how to forward traffic between independent networks is known as a _____.(router)
  3. When data can flow across a cable in both directions, this is known as _____ communication. (full duplex)
  4. MAC address stands for ____ address  (media access control)
  5. The technique that allows you to have multiple logical LANs operating on the same physical equipment is known as a (vlan)
  6. The most common data link layer protocol for wired connections is _____.(ethernet)
  7. Something that requests data from a server is known as a ____.(client)
  8. When an electrical pulse on one wire is accidentally detected on another nearby wire, this is known as _____.
  9. The first part of an Ethernet frame is known as the _____.(preamble)
  10. TCP stands for ______.(transmission control protocol)
  11. UDP stands for ______.(User Datagram Protocol0)
  12. A defined set of standards that computers must follow in order to communicate properly is known as a _____.
  13. A device that connects lots of devices and remembers which ones are connected to each interface is known as a _____
  14. The number system that has 16 numerals is known as _____ (hexadecimal
  15. Where is the Start Frame Delimiter (SFD) found in an ethernet frame?

For more details can be seen in the following video

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