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Download Contoh Soal TAP PG PAUD UT

about pg paud tap

The Final Task Program (TAP) of PAUD UT PAUD is a course that must be taken by students of the Terbukan University (UT) in the field of PG PAUD S1 programs.

Here is an example TAP PG PAUD PROBLEM which you get in independent training ut

Case of Science Learning in Elementary School:

Pak Joko wants to teach a topic about inanimate objects and living things, in grade 3
elementary school. Pak Joko prepared the drawings needed for the lesson
, such as pictures of cars, flashlights, stones, plants, animals, sun,
bicycles, motorcycles, lights, humans, and human statues. Before the children
grouped the objects, Mr. Joko said that
today’s science lesson was about inanimate objects and living things. Pak Joko explained what
were called inanimate objects and living things. After that, Pal Joko told the children
to fill out the Worksheet (LK) examined by Mr. Joko which turned out to be very
disappointing, because only 12 children could answer from 30 children in the class.
the. Question: Design lessons to improve learning
by Pak Joko!

Case Settlement / Case Analysis
1. Strengths
a. Pak Joko uses picture media in his learning.
2. Weaknesses
a. In his learning, Pak Joko did not convey the learning objectives.
b. There are no instructions / guidance to complete LKS.
c. There are 18 students who are unable to answer.
d. Pak Joko provided material.
3. Learning Problems
a. The learning process is done Mr James is not based syntax
curriculum, 2013.
b. The learning process carried out does not provide
satisfactory results .
4. Problem Formulation
a. How can you improve the learning outcomes of Pak
5. Solution
a. Prepare learning methods and media and pay attention to the
symptoms that arise in the learning process.
b. Convey apesception.
c. In the learning process the teacher uses a scientific approach (5M)

Oa Mimin forgot, to make it easier for you to pass this Court, Mimin will share examples of TAP PG PAUD questions, which you can download via this GOOGLE DRIVE Link

TAP PG PAUD questions ( https://drive.google.com/file/d/119-BLi6pFLXKvDhF5wasSoHLiBjDJaUP/view?usp=sharing )

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