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Part of the Microsoft Excel section

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Part of the Microsoft Excel section Microsoft Excel is a software program in the form of a spreadsheet worksheet created by Microsoft Corporation. This software is intended for the use of Microsoft Windows and Macon operating systems.

Microsoft Excel includes well-known software in the world of computers and is part of the Microsoft Office system.

Microsoft Corporation was founded by an intelligent teenager named Bill Gates.

Part of the Microsoft Excel section

But you have to know the part of the software ??

When the Excel application is run, a blank document containing three sheets will be created automatically.
Sheets are sheets in an Excel file.

In each of these sheets data can be entered into rows and columns. The line is marked with the number of collects Sol marked with Hurd.
Rows and columns are called cells. Excel 2007 had a number of rows up to 10048,576 and the number of columns am 16,384.

The following is a brief description of the interface (in face on excel.)

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